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Aug 05 2009

Teaching at P.L. Dunbar Atlanta

So.. I haven’t posted in more than a month.  Looks like my blogging skills are lackluster.  Seeing as the school year is beginning this coming week, I plan to post hopefully once a week.
A few updates:
I am an Early Intervention Program (EIP) Teacher for grades 3,4, and 5 at P.L. Dunbar Elementary, home of the Blue Bulldogs!   Dunbar is a small school located in South Atlanta with about 200-250 students.
As far as students: All African American.
As far as faculty:  I am the only white classroom teacher, I am the only male classroom teacher, and I am the youngest teacher in the school!  There is a Colombian Spanish Teacher who is the other new teacher on staff- everyone else is returning.  Talk about a new environment and an awesome experience!
Students come Monday, the 10th, but I won’t actually have them until the following week (students have to be tested into…

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Jun 23 2009

Going to the bathroom

Every day at Summer Institute is essentially an opportunity to reinvent your methods for teaching-  improving the good and throwing out the not so good.  I never knew how much goes into running a classroom.  Its almost funny how much preparation goes into the smallest things. One example- going to the bathroom.  My class starts…

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Jun 15 2009

Mr. Baggett Day 1

Friday of last week was the naming ceremony.  They played music and called our names one by one and shook our hands after giving us name tags with our last names on them.  It is official. Today was the first day we actually taught our summer school students.  I am teaching 5th grade math on…

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Jun 08 2009

Induction and Institute Week 1

Today was my first day at Gideon Elementary.  It has been a long but enjoyable day.  I can’t remember the last time I woke up at 5AM. And its also been about 6 years since I last rode the big yellow school bus to school.  And yes, I’m so glad to be reliving the dream! …

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Jun 04 2009


Hey everybody, I am currently living at 8th Street Apts at Georgia Tech on the first week of a 6 week training program for Teach For America. It looks like I will be placed as an elementary school teacher in the inner city of Atlanta in just 2 months! I am writing this blog to…

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