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Jun 23 2009

Going to the bathroom

Every day at Summer Institute is essentially an opportunity to reinvent your methods for teaching-  improving the good and throwing out the not so good.  I never knew how much goes into running a classroom.  Its almost funny how much preparation goes into the smallest things.

One example- going to the bathroom.  My class starts at 10:30 every morning and the first thing we do is use the bathroom as a class.  I have till 11:15 to teach, which mean the bathroom break has got to be quick.

Bathroom procedure 6/17/09:

- Lined everyone up as fast as possible and sent them to the bathroom down the hall.  Told them to hurry it up.  That didn’t work out so well.  It took about 15 minutes and 3 kids decided to take a #2.

Bathroom Procedure 6/23/09:

-Pick the quitest student to be the line leader.  Pick everyone else next in the order of how quiet and ready they are.

-Wait till the line is straight.  Start my stop watch and tell them I am looking for a boys and girls bathroom monitor in the hallways.

-Pick the best behaved boy and girl to be bathroom monitors.  Remind everyone else that this is a boys vs. girls timed competition. Tell them that they are also trying to beat yesterday’s class time.  (Today I even had a girl give me her cell phone to record her own personal potty time!)

-Send students in bathroom 2 by 2.  When everyone is back, share the class time.  Walk back to class quietly.

Today’s time: 4 minutes 1 second. Bam.


Institute is at the official half way point.  Today our advisor reminded us that there are only 8 school days left until the CRCT.  We are not even near where we need to be.  Wow. Please keep these 14 students in your prayers.  I am excited to see whats in store for the rest of the summer!

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  1. Greg Ashworth

    I am enjoying reading your posts! Awesome job with the bathrooms. I miss you man!

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